Fighting Log Book Violations
A log book violation is usually cited under NYS TL § 212 of the New York State Transportation Law. Keeping an accurate log book is incredibly important in the trucking industry. Owners understand how important keeping a timely log book is, but these necessities can be lost on new and experienced drivers alike. A log book violation is a Misdemeanor. In other words, it is a crime for which you can have a permanent criminal record.

The Transportation Law governs log book violations. In particular, NYS TL § 212 is the main enforcement statute regulating Log Book Violations. Contained therein and its related statutes are the provisions that make this violation a criminal act.

Unlike most truck violations, failure to keep an accurate log book has a direct effect on the driver and his freedom. As an owner/operator, one may elect to plead not guilty and fight the case alone, plead guilty to a misdemeanor conviction, or hire an experienced law firm that has represented truckers throughout New York City and New York State.